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How to bet on athletics?

In terms of sports betting, athletics is a very specific sport. On the one hand, quite often the favorites win the series - competition after competition. On the other hand, the balance of power in athletics changes very often, which makes it difficult to bet. A player who wins everything throughout the season indoors can regularly fail in the summer outdoors. Many factors ultimately determine the outcome. So how to bet on athletics? The first tip from Betking Nigeria experts looks like this: when assessing the chances of a particular athlete, you need to approach the topic comprehensively. Pay attention to such factors as:

  • results achieved in the last 3-4 important starts;
  • past injuries;
  • motivation to win (assess the prestige of the competition);
  • the number of disciplines in which a given competitor starts (a large number of starts causes fatigue and, therefore, a worse result).

Factors not related to the sport, but affecting the results

Evaluation of players' skills and predispositions are major components of a tipster's analysis. However, you can't stop there. To make sure your bets are correct, you must also consider factors not related to sports:

  • Weather conditions - Factors such as air temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind strength, and direction can significantly affect participants' results. In some sports, weather is less important than in others. Weather is important when competing in the stadium. At the same time, it certainly does not matter in the hall.
  • the place where the competition is held - competing in one's own country usually helps the competitors. The location of the competition is also important because of the distance that competitors from individual countries have to cover. The difference in climate matters, as does the change in time zone.
  • The specifics of the arena - check what the players and coaches say about the track surface, the instrument for the shot putters, or the run-up for the jumpers. Can high speeds be achieved? Or maybe it is impossible to achieve a good result on a given surface and betting on a world record is completely pointless?

Bets on profitable disciplines

In athletics, it is especially profitable to bet on certain disciplines. Other disciplines are better to avoid, as the results can be very unpredictable.

We have prepared lists of the most profitable and least profitable athletics. Remember, however, that these are only suggestions. However, keep in mind that there may be special opportunities when offering bets on less profitable sports.

Disciplines worth betting on

Long distance running. The shorter the distance, the more randomized the outcome. Tenths and sometimes even hundredths of a second are crucial to winning on short distances. Thus, the smallest mistake deprives the chance of a good result. Long races last several tens of minutes, so a stumble or a false start are irrelevant.

Combined Events. The final classification of the all-around is the sum of the points in at least some disciplines. Thus, the worst placement of them does not preclude a chance of ultimate success.

Relays. In a team sport such as relays, the indisposition of one competitor is not yet a disaster. If a team is more athletic than the others, it should win despite the somewhat worse form of one of the four runners.

Disciplines that are difficult to bet on

Short distance running. A slight delay at the start, a slightly worse form for the day, a small error in preparation - the details determine the outcome in short distance running. It is impossible to predict everything that will happen before and during the race.

Technical competitions. In events such as the javelin throw or the long jump, weather conditions have a major impact on the results obtained. If the weather aura is not equally favorable for everyone, it no longer matters much in the context of sports betting.

Choosing the Right Competitions

You should know that athletes compete in training as well. Coaches prepare a training plan for them so that they can achieve optimal form at the target event only.

Therefore, the most talented and titled players often lose in lower-level competitions.

In such a situation, it is difficult to predict the results of a tournament. During a modest event, you never know what stage of preparation individual players are at.

It is also difficult to determine their level of motivation. So how do you bet on athletics when the results are so unpredictable?

The answer is simple - bet only on important events

During important events, as in the case of ski jumping, each athlete gives his best, so that victory is largely determined by skill, and not, for example, by a lack of motivation.

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